Express packages

Express packages

Do you have something that should have been on the other side of the country, faster than Posten manages to deliver, and at a low price? Most of our express buses can bring express parcels given there is space.

It's easy to send express packages with Telemark Bilruter. Meet up at the stop, deliver your package and pay directly to the driver. The sender must notify the recipient so that the parcel is picked up from the bus when it arrives at its destination. Express packages must be clearly marked with the name and telephone number of the sender and the recipient, so that the driver has the ability to notify the customer if something unexpected happens along the way.

Price per parcel pr. 01.01 2015 (Single package up to 30 kg)

Weigth per item 0-250 km over 251 km
0 -1 kilo NOK 140 NOK 150
1.1 - 5 kilo NOK 160 NOK 200
5.1 - 20 kilo NOK 220 NOK 270
20.1 - 30 kilo NOK 290 NOK 340

Please note!
We can not carry express packages on sections consisting of several lines and involving bus transfer.

Before sending
The goods must be packaged properly, so they are not damaged and don't damage other luggage.

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are transported only when properly packed.

Regrettably we cannot carry:

  • Meat and fish
  • Live animals
  • Dangerous goods as fuel, gas tanks, etc.

Damaged cargo

will be replaced by current rules, and lost goods delivered along the route will not be compensated. Otherwise, the "Terms of transport by scheduled bus services in Norway", from the Ministry of Transport will apply.