Advice before travel

Tips and advice that can make your journey as easy as possible.


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Many suitcases look alike. If you make your baggage look a little more special, it's easier to recognize your luggage, and it prevents other travellers from mistaking it for their own suitcase. You should add a tag with your name and address and perhaps add a little personal input of creativity.

Show up in advance

It is important that you show up in advance before departure. On most major bus terminals and bus stations, it is possible to board 10-15 minutes before departure. At all stops along the way, you must give a clear sign to the driver when the bus is approaching. Please have your pre-purchased ticket ready for the driver when boarding the bus. If you are travelling with a discounted ticket, you must also present valid identification. If you want to buy the ticket on the bus, please have your credit card or cash ready when boarding the bus

Give a clear stop signal
Remember to give clear signals to the driver that you want to board the bus when the bus is approaching.


Experience shows that there is heavy traffic on most roads around weekends and on major public holidays. This creates extra traffic with the risk of delays on all our routes in and around the large cities. Also take into account that the bus might show up a little later than scheduled at your bus stop.

Children travelling alone

If you have children who will be travelling unaccompanied, it is necessary that you as a parent prepare the child for the bus ride. The child must be of school age and be able to take care of themselves during the journey. The child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian until the bus departs and present information with the name and number of a responsible adult so the driver can call if something unforeseen should happen.

To make the journey exciting and fun for the child, we suggest you create a small activity kit with crayons, books, etc.

To the airport 

If you have to catch a flight, you should allow plenty of time for the airport shuttle to arrive and you must take into account that there might be queuing at check-in and security control. It is important that you also follow the recommendations from the airlines and airports.