Information about tickets and travel on our express buses

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Information about tickets and travel on our express buses:

Haukeliekspressen, Telemarkekspressen and Grenlandsekspressen.

When travelling on both local routes and express routes, the conditions for the express route applies.

Information about fares:

The cheapest tickets with the largest discount can be bought online well in advance before travelling.

  • A single ticket is suitable for those who doesn't travel that much.
  • Value bus passes are a flexible solution for those who travel now and then.  
  • Period bus passes are perfect for those who travel a lot.


Tickets for all our routes can be bought at our travel planner

Information about timetables, travel planner and other useful information can be found at


Ordinary ticket for everyone aged 18 years or more.


In most cases, the rate for children 6-17 years about half the price of a regular adult ticket.

Children aged 0-5 years travel for free with parents. (Groups of children 0-5 year, pay children rate)


Up to 40% discount on adult ticket.

Persons over the age of 67, or persons who receive disability pension in Norway from NAV, and can show proof of it.

Senior discount is given on domestic routes to persons who:

  • are spouse/cohabitant travelling with someone who is entitled to a senior ticket also pay Senior Ticket
  • are blind
  • receive disability pension in Norway from NAV
  • are over the age of 67

No discount is given to accompanying person, except traveller who is accompanying a deaf-blind person, who travel free of charge.

Valid ID must be presented.

Student 16-30 years

Up to 40% discount on adult ticket.

Student discount is given to students from the age of 18. Valid ID is school card or student ID (including digital student ID). Confirmation of paid tuition must be presented. For students at foreign institutions, only the ISIC card is valid as ID.

The autum term is valid to 31st January

The spring term is valid to 30th September

Student discount is given to students with valid student ID from public schools (high school, university, university college) and private colleges (for instance BI and folk high schools).

The discount is not valid for student ID's from Folkeuniversitetet and other adult learning institutions, adult education financed by NAV and adult education and language courses for refugees.

ISIC Card Digital studentID app

If you have student ticket, and not valid documentation, you have to pay fee.


Conscripts who are doing military service in the Norwegian Armed Forces and can display Military ID card for conscripts or letter with notice of Compulsory Military service are given a 90% discount on adult ticket.

Return ticket

Up to 25% discount on the return journey when buying a return ticket. The return ticket is valid for 30 days. (Not valid for all type of tickets)

Complimentary tickets

Complimentary tickets issued by Telemark Bilruter are valid on all of Telemark Bilruter's routes. On routes where Telemark Bilruter is cooperating with other companies, the complimentary tickets are valid in accordance with joint agreements. (Not valid where the state is responsible for the journey, for instance school transport.)

Bus passes / travel cards

Period bus passes are electronic travel cards from Telemark Bilruter. The card cost NOK 50 and can be bought and renewed on the bus. The cards can be used several times. Remember to keep the receipt with you when you use the card. More information about our travel cards here.

School transport

Pupils in primary and secondary school and in high schools which are given free or partly free transport to and from school, must use electronic school travel cards on every journey. The pupil's name must be on the card. More information about school transport here.

Students at high school without valid school travel cards, must pay for the journey. A fine can be issued if a valid ticket can not be produced when asked.

Group discount

Up to 25% discount for groups over 9 people when paying collected.

Reservation of seats for groups 

Groups of nine or more travellers who have not purchased tickets at, must reserve seats via this form by 2 p.m. at the latets the last business day before travel (Mon-Fri).

Use of seat belt

The passengers must use a seat belt in accordance with the law.

Children travelling alone

Must be of school age and able to take care of themselves. The child is to be followed by a parent/guardian to the bus and show the name, address and phone number of the parent/guardian meeting the child at the destination. It is the parents/guardians responsibiliy when children are travelling alone by express bus.

Safety onboard

  • Children under the age of three must use an approved child seat fitted to child, or a child seat in combination with the ordindary seat belt. When child seats are not available, the ordinary seat belt must be used in an appropriate manner.
  • Children over the age of three must use ordinary seat belt.
  • If you need a seat for infants, you must bring this yourself.


Every passenger can bring two pieces of baggage, up to 30 kg, which is placed under the bus. Hand baggage can be taken for free as long as it can be placed at the seat in front of you. If you need to bring more pieces and more weight, you need to pay extra. Baggage must be clearly marked with name, address and telephone number. It is not allowed to bring luggage that can do damage to other luggage, such as liquid, frozen and fresh foods such as meat and fish etc.


Collapsible strollers can be transported for free as long as there is room.


Bikes can be transported depending on space. A child fare is paid for bikes and it is paid when entering the bus.

Skis and snowboards

Ski equipment must be properly packed so it can be transported safely under the bus. This is transported free of charge.

Pulks and surf boards

We can not guarantee space for sled and surf boards. If there is room you can bring with you.

Hunting weapons and ammunition

The weapon must be properly packed in a weapons case or similar. The main part of the weapon and any ammunition must be kept under the bus. The vital part, like the breechblock, must be kept separate from the main part and taken inside the bus.


Segways are not allowed in our express buses.


Out of consideration for passengers with asthma and allergies, animals are not allowed onboard the express bus. The exception is working guide dogs and service dogs*. These are allowed and travel for free.

*) Must be identified by vest and/or written documentation.


Most buses are equipped with a wheelchir lift, but the backup buses often lack this equipment.

Of safety reasons only lightweight wheelchairs are allowed. Users of larger and heavier wheelchairs can not be transported due to limitations in lifts and safety equipment. The wheelchair mus hav brackets for strapping. The wheelchair can not exceed the following specifications; length 120 cm, width 70 cm, height 109 cm. Due to security measures inside the bus, the allowed maximum weight of chair and passenger may vary.  Wheelchair users who need a separate place for their wheel chair onboard, must reserve space by 2 p.m. at the latest the last business day before travelling (Mon-Fri) by phone +47 35 06 54 00 or via email to

Lost and damaged baggage

The company is not responsible for lost or damaged baggage, unless it is du to negligence on the company's part. We recommed buying traveller's insurance.


Tickets and travel cards from Telemark Bilruter and Telemark Ekspressbusstrafikk (from now on TBR) are not refundable. There are a few exceptions, mentioned below:

  • Lost/stolen travel card

Not refundable, whether it has been used or not. 

  • Faulty travel card

Electronic travel card which has stopped working, is replaced free of charge. If the card has been damaged on the outside or not been handeled correctly, it will not be refunded.

The same also goes if the customer has received the wrong travel card or single ticket and the fault lies with TBR. When this can not be corrected by the driver, you can apply for reimursement from TBR.

  • Other causes

No refund. TBR can however give refund in full or part in certain cases.

  • Extra expences

If a customer must buy additional tickets due to a faulty card, the actual expenses up to three days can be refunded by applying for reimbursement from TBR. This is only valid if an other temporary solution isn't agreed with TBR.

  • Refund estimate

The refund is estimated based on how much of the value the customer has been unable to use.

  • Application of reimbursement

The customer must fill out the form to apply for reimbursement and attach necessary documentation behind the claim with receipts, etc. TBR can refuse refund if the customer is not able to produce ample documentation.

  • Payment of refund

Payment of the refunded amount is issued to the customer's bank account. The payment is not performed until the money from the sale connected to the refund has entered TBR's account. No cash refund is given.

  • Replacement card

Customers who need a replacement card after having a faulty card, will be sent a new card after agreement with TBR. This may take a few days. A temporary travel card must be agreed between the customer and TBR.

  • Value bus pass

Unused balance on value bus passes is not refunded. Unused balance on value bus passes can be deleted two years after filling the card. («Value bus pass» will not be valid after june 30th 2019)

Tickets bought on the bus

Tickets bought on the bus are only valid for the printed departure time and date and route which they are issued for. The ticket must be paid before departure. Credit is not given. The ticket is a travel document and must be kept under the entire journey.


Passengers which are not able to show a valid ticket or bus pass when asked, must pay a fine corresponding to double the price for a single ticket for the journey. Minimum fine is NOK 500.

Use of mobile phone

We ask everyone to limit the use of mobile phones and turn off the sound in consideration of other passengers.


It is not permitted to smoke or drink alcohol onboard our express buses. This also applies to electronic sigarettes.

Intoxicated persons can be denied access or asked to leave the bus.

Travel guarantee

Read Telemark Bilruter's travel guarantee at Reisegaranti på

General terms