Ticket categories and fares


General terms of categories Telemark Bilruter offers. Fare and ticket information can be found in our Travel Planner. Routes may have separate categories and promotional fares that apply only to their route.

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Save time and money - buy your ticket online!

It will always be cheaper to buy your ticket at telemarkbil.no before you travel, than buying your ticket on the bus. The fare will be even more reasonable if you buy a return ticket.

Single tickets and travel cards:

  • Single ticket: Suitable for those who doesn't travel that much.
  • Period bus pass: Suitable for those who travel a lot.

You'll find fares and information about our travel cards here


The price of a bus ticket will vary depending on whether you buy it at telemarkbil.no or from the bus driver. It will generally be cheaper to buy the ticket online instead of on the bus. The easiest way to find the exact fare, is to look up your journey in our Travel Planner. Normally you can buy your ticket online at least 30 days before travelling, and in some cases even longer ahead.

My trips

When you buy a ticket on telemarkbil.no you can choose whether you want to register as a customer, or simply purchase as a guest. If you choose to register, you will see "My Trips" have a full overview of all your previous purchases on telemarkbil.no when you log in. This makes it easy to retrieve the the ticket for instance on your mobile when you are on the go.

If you choose to buy as a guest you must enter an email address. We use this to send you a receipt for your purchase. In addition, you must enter a mobile phone number.


Payment for tickets purchased on telemarkbil.no happens safely and securely through 3D-secure with our partner Netaxept. You can use Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.