The terms apply to tickets purchased at

Travel Planner and online store

NOR-WAY Bussekspress operates our travel planner and online store at

Barcode / reference number must be provided throughout the trip. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the barcode or reference numbers do not go astray. If someone else uses these, the ticket will be invalid for the customer.

The ticket can only be used on the specified date and departure time it is issued for. This also applies for the return journey.

Exceptions Flybussekspressen: The ticket has fourteen hours flexibility and is valid as of two hours before, even twelve hours after the departure time on the ticket.

The customer is responsible for making sure that...
- The proper itinerary, departure time and date is selected.
- The correct ticket type is selected, and valid identification can be produced.
- The correct email address is entered at purchase.

The ticket can not be amended, but can be refundable if cancelled at least 24 hours before the first departure time on the ticket. Return tickets are considered one ticket and can only be refunded in full.

If you book the wrong ticket, we will refund the ticket if you use this form immediately (maximum one hour) after purchase.

In case of refund of tickets, the money is automatically returned to the same card used for the purchase. Such chargeback usually takes up to five business days.

Ticket sales on the Internet can in some cases close five hours before departure. The customer must therefore make sure to buy the tickets in advance to be sure to get the best deal. When you buy your ticket on the bus, the price will usually be higher than online.

If downtime or other technical issues means that it is not possible to buy tickets at, you must buy the ticket from the bus driver. The fare would in such cases normally be higher than it is on The price shown as "Buy now" only applies when purchasing a ticket at

Bying tickets from overseas

You may buy tickets at from countries outside Norway. The exception is credit cards issued in the United States, they are not accepted when purchasing ticket at

For more questions, please contact customer service.