Bus passes for use on Telemark Bilruter's buses:

30 day period bus pass for Telemark

All 30 day period buss passes can be used for unlimited travel on all local routes and express routes in Telemark, with the exception of flexi routes, Lavprisekspressen and TIMEkspressen Linje 1.

Adult 770,-      Available for adults aged 30+.
Young adult      450,-      Available for young adults aged 20 til 29, with valid ID.
Children & youth      300,-      Available for children aged 6 to 19.
Seniors 390,-      Available for people over the age of 67 and people entitled to a concession, with valid ID.
Student 450,-      Available for students with valid ID.

Other bus passes:

Period bus pass for 15 or 30 days: Unlimited travel for cross-county routes with our express buses for the selected route. (Can only be used on Telemark Bilruters express buses)

If you wish to purchase our travel cards, you must have an electronic travel card issued by Telemark Bilruter. This card be bought at the bus, and the price for this card is NOK 50. You may use the card several times. Always take care of, and bring along, your receipt together with your bus pass.