Travel with Telemark Bilruter

Travel with Telemark Bilruter

What can you expect when you travel with us?

Telemark Bilruter are proud to be a part of NOR-WAY Bussekspress. We are pleased and proud that so many customers choose us when they are travelling. Loyal customers make us humble, and it requires that we do the very best for you as a traveller on every departure every day, all year round. When travelling on our express buses, you can be certain that we have some of the nation's best drivers, which has as their main task to take you safely and comfortably to your destination. All our buses have three-point safety belts and child seats.

Our drivers will make sure you get the necessary information along the way. You can relax, lean back in our comfortable seats with folding backrest, footrest and extra legroom and enjoy the view. Air conditioning will ensure a comfortable temperature and fresh air all seasons. Our coaches also have toilets, most buses have 230 volt or usb power outlets. In most buses, there are also self-service machines with coffee and tea.

All our buses meet strict requirements regarding emissions of greenhouse gases and particles, making it a very environmentally friendly alternative to cars and airplanes. When it comes to emissions per person, neither private cars or airplanes can compete with the express bus. A trip with us is also an experience in itself - you may call it a pure travel pleasure. We believe the express bus is simply the best travel alternative and should therefore also be an obvious choice for the environmentally conscious!

The attractions Southern Norway has to offer, are spread and can almost be seen as something unavailable seen with the urban eyes. And this is some of the charm when it comes to Norway. Fortunately there is a good correlation between the main sights and NOR-WAY Bussekspress' route network. Express buses make the country available for tourists from Norway and abroad. We connect cities and the countryside - also online using our website and

In the 30 years we have trafficked the Norwegian roads, many people have travelled with us. We try to make your journey as comfortable as possible for both the young ones and those who are more experienced. On the bus the whole family can enjoy the journey, safe in the knowledge that others will take care of the driving. A little reading, coloring and good stories, and suddenly you arrive at your destination, where family and friends are waiting to greet you.