Photo: TBR

The head office of Telemark Bilruter is located in Seljord.

Localization and activities

The head office of Telemark Bilruter (TBR) is located in Seljord, with branch offices in Vinje, Vrådal and Skien and cargo handling in Åmli, Treungen, Fyresdal and Dalen. The main activity of the company consists of local bus routes, express routes, tour buses and freight transport. Freight transport is mainly organized by the subsidiaries Telemark Transportservice AS and Telemark Godslinjer AS. 

Ownership structure and organization

The ownership structure is divided into three main groups consisting of private individuals, municipalities in Western Telemark and other businesses. Chairman of Telemark Bilruter is Hilde Fjellheim and the general manager is Svein Olav Straand.

Employees and fleet

In 2017 there were 171 employees in Telemark Bilruter constituting 129 man-years. By the end of 2017 Telemark Bilruter had a fleet consisting of 86 registered vehicles, of which there were 68 buses, 1 long hauler, 5 cargo buses, 3 trucks, 6 cars with trailers, 3 veteran buses and 1 veteran truck.

Key figures and production

In 2017 TBR had a turnover of NOK 133 million, pre-tax profits of NOK 7.6 million and an equity ratio of 68.4%. In 2017 the total kilometers driven was 4.9 million kilometres.

Executive company 

Organisation and structure

Telemark Bilruter consists of the 3 subsidiaries: Telemark Godslinjer AS (TG), Telemark Transportservice AS (TTS), Telemark Transport & Spedisjon AS and Telemark Ekspressbusstrafikk AS (TET). Agder Buss is located in Arendal.

Localization, employees and turnover

Telemark Godslinjer AS is located in Seljord and the rest of the subsidiaries are located in Skien. There are a total of 288 employees in the company and a turnover of NOK 247 million in 2017. Agder Buss is a assosiate company and are located in Arendal.

Passenger transport

Local routes: Telemark county municipality is the main client for the local routes within the municipalities Vinje, Tokke, Kviteseid, Seljord, Nissedal, Fyresdal and Bø. In Aust-Agder county Agder bus are running local routes in Åmli, Vegåshei, Gjerstad, Risør and Tvedestrand. 

Haukeliekspressen (NOR-WAY) is run in cooperation with Tide Buss and operates between Oslo - Drammen - Kongsberg - Notodden - Bø - Seljord - Åmot - Haukeli - Bergen/Haugesund with up to 4 daily departures each way.

Telemarksekspressen (NOR-WAY) operates between Seljord - Bø - Ulefoss - Skien - Larvik - Sandefjord - Torp - Tønsberg with up to 16 daily departures each way with further correspondence with train and bus to Oslo and Gardermoen. Telemarkekspressen operates from Bø - Skien - Bø with up to 30 daily departures from monday to friday. 

Grenlandsekspressen (NOR-WAY) is run together with Telemarksekspressen by Telemark Ekspressbusstrafikk, which is wholly owned by Telemark Bilruter and operates between Grenland - Siljan - Hvittingfoss - Drammen - Oslo with eleven daily departures each way.

The canal bus runs between Skien - Ulefoss - Lunde - Kviteseid - Dalen in the summer season in connection with the boat traffic on the Telemark canal.

Freight transport

Long haul: Telemark Godslinjer operates between Oslo/Vestfold - Bergen/Haugesund for Schenker with ten lorries over the Haukeli plateau. The company also has ten timber trucks (three of them equipped with crane) in service for Bergene Holm and other customers in Southern Norway.

Sanitation transport and sludge transport: Telemark Godslinjer also transport sludge and household trash for Renovest in Western Telemark.

Distribution: Telemark Transportservice AS are delivering goods for Schenker in Grenland and Vestfold, while Telemark Transport & Spedisjon perform tasks for other customers in the same area.

Loader: Telemark Bilruter have four cargo trucks that are delivering goods from the Schenker terminal in Sandefjord to customers in the central and western parts of Telemark every day.

Cargo buses operate between Seljord - Vrådal - Treungen - Furesdal and Vinje - Haukeli/Raulan daily with goods and passengers.